Maintenance & Value Engineering

Maintenance and Value Engineering is one of the most critical area companies must setup to reduce costs while assuring that quality, performance, reliability, and other critical factors meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. The Eximius team provides these services across diverse industry domains such as Semiconductor, Automotive, Storage and Cloud, and Consumer electronics to name a few.

Our talented pool engineers work hand-in-hand with our customers to provide solutions that help sustain our customer’s product portfolio and market share. Our experienced and dedicated team of technical staff, domain experts, system test and automation specialists help ensure that the end-user benefits from the services provided.

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The Semiconductor industry is moving into a new era of development. The old school development processes such as the ability to scale and sustain market volatility is giving way to new ways of development which require shorter product life cycles for a variety of products because the demand for multiple derivative products and variants has increased significantly.

We at Eximius can setup up a maintenance and value engineering team for you to address any issues you may have. We are the chosen partner, as we provide:

  • End-to-end solutions for derivative and legacy chips. This involves:
    • Ability to implement customer-specific flows
    • Design/verification methodology expertise
    • Multi-fab and process expertise fine-tuned for customer specific needs
  • Innovative KPI based model support for End of Life products
  • Software driven feature enhancements and upgrades

Comprehensive testing and Automation systems to maintain high quality standards thereby reducing the costs for existing product lines and derivatives. This helps in focusing on newer base versions

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Storage and Datacenter

Unlike chips used in the mobile or automotive industries that are often built on commercial intellectual property (IP) or run on a standard Linux kernel, SSD controllers must be designed from inception.

To design state of the art SSD controllers, the hardware and embedded firmware must work hand-in-hand to be highly customizable. To achieve the best performance and the lowest power consumption, the firmware must be fine-tuned on optimized hardware.

To maintain such tightly coupled systems require an in depth understanding of the proprietary implementation as well as test and automation systems that can be used to reproduce common blocking issues.

The Eximius storage team over the years have worked very closely with our customers during their design and development phases. This gives us the advantage to help you undertake the following during the maintenance phases of similar products lines:

  • Maintenance and enhancement of SATA-SSD, NVMe-SSD, HDD and UFS based systems
  • Maintenance and enhancement of RAID Controller variants
  • Firmware unit testing and Firmware Qualification and Regression testing

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Digital Living & Consumer Electronics

As the popularity of open source software platforms increases, the development of consumer electronics devices and communication solutions has changed significantly. This requires OEMs and ODMs to constantly reinvent themselves with new SOCs to keep pace with the current market trends to incorporate new connectivity solutions and artificial intelligence to legacy solutions. By doing so, the end user can experience newer consumer grade and enterprise applications.

We at Eximius, provide the following services for the digital living and consumer electronics industry:

  • Firmware and Device Driver Porting
  • Operating System Porting
  • Product Migration and Modernization
  • Bug fixes, Enhancements, Support and Maintenance
  • Test Automation
  • Test Planning and Execution

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As the use of Internet rises every day, the demand to have it implemented in the automotive industry for advanced safety, infotainment and comfort features has increased multi fold. This means that automotive OEMs and suppliers must incorporate more electronics and software into newer hardware systems for modern automobiles while also keeping in mind the legacy systems.

The Eximius Automotive team offers maintenance, porting and migration services to global automotive players that help address these complex business challenges. We have the proven experience and expertise to provide you services such as:

  • Heads-up display and Driver Information Systems
  • Android based auto apps
  • V2X gateway solutions (Vehicle 2 Vehicle, Vehicle 2 Infra)
  • Connected Aftermarket solutions
  • Bluetooth /WiFi stack maintenance and enhancements

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