platform engineering

Our Embedded Platform Engineering services cover overall system design, BSP/device driver development, operating system bring up as well as power and thermal optimization. We also provide end-to-end system integration services which covers hardware-software integration, system validation as well as platform test and automation.  We are the preferred partner for semiconductor companies and OEMs using Linux/RTOS based low power connectivity and multimedia platforms.

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Some of our services include:

Platform Software Development

We provide the entire breadth of embedded platform software development including device drivers/BSP development, customization, secure boot, BIOS, firmware development and (OS) bring up. We also cover OS framework enhancements and customization, multimedia software and codec development and integration, high availability (HA) platform enablement and embedded platform virtualization.

Platform Migration

Our skilled team of engineers are well equipped to handle migration of embedded applications, protocols and device drivers across hardware platforms. With our vast experience, we help customers bring their products to the market faster.  We also provide porting of Android, Linux, as well as commercial and proprietary operating systems on new hardware platforms.

System Integration and Validation

Take advantage of Eximius’ vast experience in continuous integration, release management, system verification and validation, system debugging and triage expertise. Localization of system issues and the systematic process of integration not only needs a deep understand of OS concepts and interface design but also needs prior exposure to complex software platforms with real time constrains. Our stringent validation processes help customers cover all the key areas such as functional, stress and robustness testing, power and performance testing/benchmarking and hardware diagnostics. We also provide comprehensive test case development and test automation services.

Value Engineering and Maintenance

With fast changing customer requirements and stiffer competition, Value Engineering (VE) is a key imperative for product companies to maintain competitiveness and product leadership. Through VE, Eximius helps customers develop products that are maximized for performance, quality, and reliability while being focused on minimizing product and development cost and lead time thus enabling customers to achieve:

  • Lesser Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Lower cost per function and feature
  • Better product performance and features that surpasses competitor’s
  • Graceful Product Retirement programs through KPI Based Maintenance programs

"Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless."

Thomas Edison