Product Engineering Services


In today’s competitive business environment, the most critical need of any organization is to reduce time and lower cost to market. Companies are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, condensing innovation cycles, product re-engineering challenges, manufacturing process optimization and escalating design costs. Our Product Engineering team helps customers to transform their concepts into the successful real-world products.


Eximius provides full lifecycle product engineering services focused on embedded and real-time systems. We have expertise in developing Wireless, Cellular, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Home Control Systems, Telecommunications, Navigation, Digital Signal Processing Systems, Media Processing on Embedded Devices (Audio and Video), and Medical devices. Our engineering experts come from leading multinational companies such as Intel, Broadcom, Microsoft, Cisco, and Toshiba to name a few where they perfected the art of designing products for years.

Eximius undertakes turnkey development projects for new products as well as discrete services for existing products, including incremental development, testing, and verification. Working on complex product development, Eximius leverages its multi-site development capabilities to deliver significant value to clients across different domains.

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Eximius offers a one-stop shop for engineering design services for semiconductors in concept, architecture, design implementation, synthesis, physical design, obsolescence management, and post-silicon validation. Our experts are among the best in ASIC & FPGA Design, wafer processing, yield management, assembly and packaging, drivers, boards, and platform solutions. Our product engineering expertise has been refined over decades and enriched with specialist partnerships that provide “spec to silicon” engineering services to OEMs and component manufacturers. Additionally, the Eximius team has immense experience in design & development in embedded applications for storage and navigation devices, multimedia, mobile applications, and wireless communication devices.

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Storage and Datacenter

Eximius design services portfolio in the storage domain includes but not limited to the following:

  • Firmware design, development, and testing (server testing)
  • Device driver development
  • Test simulation
  • Embedded software design
  • User interface design
  • Verification, validation and application development

These capabilities combined with our deep understanding of  storage and networking protocols such as Infiniband, Fibre Channel (FC-AL, FC-PH, FC-GS, FC-SW, FCP), iSCSI, SCSI, SCSI Architecture Models (SAM), OSD, SATA, NAS (NFS, CIFS, Samba, NDMP), PCIe SSD (FTL, NVMe, AHCI) help Eximius Storage engineers design and integrate, hardware, firmware and application software to realize an end-to-end storage solution.

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Digital Living & Consumer Electronics

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined 60 years ago, but it is only until recently there has been an increasing focus on AI powered consumer electronics. AI allows emerging technologies to enable intelligent white goods, smart homes, wearables, augmented reality and home entertainment systems.

Eximius helps customers across various cycles of their product design, from product architecture, hardware, embedded software, application software, PCB layout, fabrication, assembly, algorithm design, feasibility research, prototype development, and certification. Eximius has expertise in the following areas to help you design a better product:

  • Low-footprint, power-optimized designs
  • Audio and Video codecs, video streaming, video data processing
  • Media streaming libraries, media servers
  • Wireless technologies such as LTE/LTE-A, BT/BLE, Zigbee, GPS, WiFi
  • Peripherals: USB stacks

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Connected car and seamless mobility are reshaping the future of the Automotive industry. This is leading to convergence of information, entertainment and safety systems to combined platform architectures in Automotive. Eximius combines it’s expertise across the platform engineering, connectivity and artificial intelligence technology areas to support Tier 1 and post market Automotive part suppliers to develop innovative products across V2X, Driver Assistance and Infotainment systems

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"Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless."

Thomas Edison