Eximius provides a complete spectrum of Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Design solutions, helping customers contain costs and use technology for sustainable competitive advantage. The Company’s services include RTL to GDS-II design services, design verification, library development, DFT, AMS design and FPGA Design and Development. The Embedded system design solutions include bare metal firmware and embedded software development, communication protocol development, multimedia integration and full system verification and validation.

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Why Eximius Design for Semiconductors


The miniaturization and integration of semiconductors has led to smaller, lighter and more intelligent communication devices, has made autonomous driving a reality and has increased deployment and utility of IoT devices. This, along with increased digitization of work and leisure activities, has led to huge data volumes. The creation and analysis of this data has in turn led to artificial intelligence systems that are having an increasing impact on business decisions and consumer experience.

Eximius combines its deep and proven expertise in the semiconductor domains with its expertise across communication, connectivity, storage, cloud, consumer electronics and Artificial intelligence technologies to provide semiconductor companies end-to-end product engineering services for their solutions that leverage these technologies.

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Front End Design & Verification

Our Engineering team has decades of experience developing products for a variety of product sectors, including consumer products, enterprise networking, microprocessors, cloud computing and data centers.

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Backend Design & Verification

Eximius provides a complete suite of physical implementation services focused on high-performance designs, low power designs and advanced processes.

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Embedded Software Design & Verification

Eximius delivers next-generation embedded software and systems engineering solutions that help address power, performance, cost, footprint and RF coexistence challenges.

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Application Software Design & Verification

The Eximius Application development team specializes in developing HMI, front-end software, tools and SDKs that help leverage and complement the embedded software solutions we build.

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Our service offerings are optimized to ensure availability, reduce maintenance and improve productivity over time.



In today’s competitive business environment, the most critical need of any organization is to reduce time and lower cost to market.

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Eximius offers design services in the areas of VLSI, ASIC and FPGA, as well as Firmware and Embedded Software development through staff augmentation and turnkey models.

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Maintenance and Value Engineering is one of the most critical area companies must setup to reduce costs while assuring that quality, performance, reliability, and other critical factors meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

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Organizations are often challenged with underutilization of testing tools, insufficient test coverage, lack of ROI, lack of clarity on the level of automation (and associated cost benefits), inefficient test frameworks and so on.

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"The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so its part of everyday life."

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