Eximius Design is an engineering services company focused on ASIC, FPGA, Systems and Software areas. We are led by a unique team of engineers that have developed a wide variety of innovative products over the past 25+ years. We led the development, from inception to productization, of hundreds of designs spanning across the technology industry.

Our founding team has been involved in 6 different successful start-ups and understands the unique challenges that are encountered during the product design process.

Our high-performance teams can leverage this valuable experience to help deliver innovative solutions. This enables our clients to deliver on aggressive schedules and stay competitive in their respective markets with high efficiency.

With our flexible engagement model we can help our customers throughout the design cycle. Whether it’s starting from a simple idea on paper to a complete production worthy ASIC we have the expertise to assist our customers.

Make use of our unique combination of the following services to assist you develop the next generation of flagship products:

  • Product Engineering Services
  • Design and Development Services
  • Maintenance and Value Engineering
  • System Validation and Test Automation

Eximius undertakes turnkey development projects for new products as well as discrete services for existing products, including incremental development, testing, and verification.

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Eximius offers design services in the areas of VLSI, ASIC and FPGA, as well as Firmware and Embedded Software development through staff augmentation and turnkey models.

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Maintenance and Value Engineering is a one of the most critical decisions companies must make to reduce costs while assuring that quality, performance, reliability, and other critical factors.

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Eximius’s domain specific testing methodologies help us cater to the needs of different verticals with specialized hardware, tools and platforms.

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"Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless."

Thomas Edison