Storage and Datacenter


With the advent of multiple devices per person, and the exponential growth of sensors and analytics, the requirement of the world’s data storage capacity has increased manifold. Analysts have come up with a nice little number: 295 exabytes. That’s 295 billion gigabytes. The Storage and Cloud industry today is looking at this demand for storage and are working on building up capacities and technologies for both in-device and cloud storage. The storage device size for personal devices continues to reduce even faster than Moore’s law. Eximius recognizes this market potential and the opportunities it presents. We are proud to partner with world’s leading storage technology companies and to support them with a dedicated set of offering in this field.

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Why Eximius Design for Storage and Datacenter

Eximius design with its Front-end design, Back end design, Verification, Storage protocol expertise, firmware development expertise, test automation, Cloud customization and Devops provide the whole gamut of services for storage and cloud companies to take their concepts to mass production. You will find Eximius as your one-stop-shop across these service offerings. With our talent pool based in 4 countries, we help companies shorten their time from concept to delivery by using our best practices and turn-key delivery models to boost their competitive strength for the long term.

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Eximius provides support and services into the following domains with deep engineering and design expertise:


Storage & Networking


Data Centre Infrastructure & Virtualization


Cloud & Convergence

Our service offerings are optimized to ensure availability, reduce maintenance and improve productivity over time.



In today’s competitive business environment, the most critical need of any organization is to reduce time and lower cost to market.

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Eximius offers design services in the areas of VLSI, ASIC and FPGA, as well as Firmware and Embedded Software development through staff augmentation and turnkey models.

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Maintenance and Value Engineering is one of the most critical area companies must setup to reduce costs while assuring that quality, performance, reliability, and other critical factors meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

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Organizations are often challenged with underutilization of testing tools, insufficient test coverage, lack of ROI, lack of clarity on the level of automation (and associated cost benefits), inefficient test frameworks and so on.

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" The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art."

John Lasseter