With the exponential rate at which data is being consumed, the need for Data Storage Technologies (DSTs) to evolve have raised multi fold. Today, the demand is to have high capacity and secure storage systems that can facilitate simplified interaction with the latest technological advancements and trends in various industries happening around the world.

To assist decision making, advanced technologies and platforms such as wearable electronics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, smart factories will be completely dependent on DSTs to provide the necessary data to do so. Eximius contributes to the success of our customers (and their customers) through proactive build up and upgrade of skills to align with the niche storage technical demands.

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Storage Devices and Protocols

With our niche engineering skills we provide the right solution for your business needs as we understand the complexities that can arise while undertaking the design development, validation, test automation and optimization of complex storage systems. This includes SATA/SAS/NVME drives’ firmware and drivers both on target and host platforms. We have extensive work experience on USB and PCIe based drives’ firmware and RTOS customization for the same. This has enabled our customers to roll out high capacity compact drives to meet and beat the time to market requirement of their customers worldwide.


Scale Outs and Low Latency I/Os for Data Centers

To deliver application specific performance for data-intense tasks, such as real-time data analytics, NVM Express (NVMe) over Fabrics enables end users to connect remote subsystems with a flash device which enable faster response times and greater scalability across virtual data centers.

NVMe over Fabrics also allows you to cover a larger distance over which an NVMe host device and an NVMe storage drive or subsystem can connect by providing alternate ways to connect to PCIe.

The Eximius team has experience in implementing this technology by providing services in development, system validation, test automation and optimization for systems supporting NVMe over Fabrics using remote direct memory access as well as NVMe over Fabrics using Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe).


Cloud, Virtualization and Convergence

Eximius has experience in developing high-performance storage that takes advantage of standard Ethernet networks to interconnect servers and data nodes. Using complete automation, the fabric at run time, securely attaches volumes from storage resources directly to where the application resides – whether in a bare-metal server, in a virtual machine or a storage enclosure. This enables customer to develop converged  solutions through high speed networks using virtualization technologies.


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