System Validation & Test Automation

Organizations are often challenged with underutilization of testing tools, insufficient test coverage, lack of ROI, lack of clarity on the level of automation (and associated cost benefits), inefficient test frameworks and so on. Effective testing is often a casualty as firms try to expedite the process of launching their product to save costs.

Eximius’s domain specific testing methodologies helps to cater to the needs of different verticals with specialized hardware, tools and platforms. We have helped our customers to reduce the software development lifecycle by increasing the degree of automation, simulate scenarios and increase the overall quality of the products.

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Semiconductor industry professionals are confronted with constantly evolving technologies and market realities that demand greater breadth of testing and measurement solutions. These, along with higher levels of integration, including RF and wireless, faster product development times, and the need to drive down the costs, are the need of the hour.

The Eximius team focuses on developing solutions for some of the most challenging and rapidly advancing semiconductor areas including:

  • Mixed-Signal ASIC Testing
  • Analog-to-digital-converters (ADCs) to power management ICs (PMICs)
  • Validation and Parametric Testing of RF and Mixed-Signal ASICs
  • Cellular, WiFi and BT Functional and Protocol testing
  • Pre-Certification and Compliance testing such as GCF/PTCRB/AT&T/WiFi Alliance
  • Stress & Stability and Long-haul tests

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Storage and Datacenter

Unlike chips in mobile designs that may be built on commercial intellectual property (IP) or run on a standard Linux kernel, SSD controllers must be designed from inception. The hardware and embedded firmware must be highly customized and closely coupled.

To achieve the best performance and the lowest power consumption, the firmware must be fine-tuned on optimized hardware. To accomplish this, the industry is adopting a software-driven chip design flow, as opposed to the traditional hardware and software design flow.

Our firmware engineers participate in the specification definitions of the hardware and gain intimate knowledge of the hardware details during the hardware design phase. Since the development of hardware and software proceeds in parallel, they can influence each other. Testing early firmware on the hardware in development allows bugs to be fixed at a much earlier stage than being found during product launch. Early testing also allows performance optimization to occur early on. By the time the design is ready, both the hardware and firmware have been optimized and are virtually ready for mass production.

We at Eximius offer the following services for storage solutions:

  • End to end product testing of SATA-SSD, NVMe-SSD, HDD and UFS
  • End to end testing of RAID Controller variants
  • Flash characterization and verification
  • ASIC validation, Electrical Integration, Thermal and Mechanical validation
  • Firmware unit testing, qualification, and regression testing
  • Customer system testing
  • SSD reliability modelling and testing
  • Production tests

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Digital Living & Consumer Electronics

The Eximius consumer electronics team has significant expertise in handling complete validation cycle for Multimedia Systems, Video, Audio, Imaging and Speech Codecs, Imaging and Vision Algorithms and BSP/device drivers, Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth based home gateway solutions and infotainment devices. Our system verification and validation team brings in the following set of expertise targeted for mobile and consumer electronics devices:

  • Pre and post silicon validation
  • Physical and virtual test benches for manual or automated system testing
  • Test bench development and enhancement
  • Performance – Audio/Video Quality, Codec Performance Latency, User experience tests
  • Test automation with Tcl/Tk, Python, Selenium, Perl, Java
  • Firmware validation
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Acceptance and system testing
  • Compliance to specifications testing

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The number of firmware and software-controlled functions in automotive systems are continuously increasing thereby increasing the complexity of the software implementing them.

In a typical automotive connected car or Infotainment solution there are several cross function teams involved and generally access to the right information is limited. For example, information may be distributed over several SOCs or ASICs. Problems caused by bugs in the implementation or by incomplete or incorrect specifications may lead to incorrect results.

We at Eximius offer the following services for ODMs and Tier 1s:

  • End to End Validation of automotive software/firmware at various levels of testing from unit level until system testing
  • Static code checks and analysis using tools such as Coverity, RTRT, Polyspace, and QAC
  • Power and Thermal KPI measurement and management
  • Test suite automation using scripts and modelling tools such as Labview
  • Validation on vehicle simulators / labcars
  • Hardware in loop or HIL testing

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